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B4 Design & Engineering is an engineering company, created in 2015, specialized in urban infrastructure.

Thanks to the international experience and the expertise of its associates, B4 
D&E is a responsive and agile structure which answers its customers with a tailormade offer

We are totally involved and offer you support and guidance on all the stages of your projects:
concept, feasibility, design, execution and operation.
Our experts combine know-how in : 
39 countries 
3 languages: French, English, Arabic 
15 new cities projects 
16 extension of city projects 
26 tourist and residential projects 
21 industrial projects
Process & Design
More than a basic application of standards, B4 D&E offers you: 
• An elegant technical design, different solutions by guaranteeing a technical safety.
• The optimization of your projects by combining technical sobriety and economy of project
• Cutting-edge tools allowing the 3D modelling of the site and the digital model of the project. Our CAD tools and methods are BIM ready today !

Our approach aims to ensure:
• The integration of the project in its environment both physical and cultural, 
• The preservation of the integrity of the environment,
• The social equity and the economic efficiency.
Urban demography increase combined with climatic stakes influence our approach: 
• Risk-analysis 
• Crisis management strategy 
• Anticipation
smart city
Public place design must not only be addressed in terms of infrastructure and use. 
Our philosophy includes: 
• Quality of the urban services 
• New technologies: mobility, traffic management, waste management... 
• Future developments.
on going

109 boulevard Stalingrad LYON - Villeurbanne 
+33 7 71 43 11 75 
+33 7 79 59 43 62